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I have read, understand and have accepted the following session preparation:

At the moment all sessions are over Zoom or Facetime. As I work around the globe I can assure you, on-line or over phone has absolutely no impact on the session itself. Distance is not a factor in spiritual communication. Please know all booking times in the calendar are PST time zone. 

In the interest of helping you to have the best session possible I want you to know a few things. I will do my best to communicate information from the souls that step forward in order to validate that we continue to live on and that our relationship with our loved ones continues in a new way. I ask the Divine before every session, to be of service to spirit in the best way possible and my work is open and heart-centred. 

Though I cannot control who we get to hear from in a session, most often we will establish a beautiful connection with the souls you are hoping for. If a loved one, friend or family in spirit does not come through, it does not mean they are not ok, that they are upset or lost in any way. It is simply, we were or were not able to make the connection. Please do not ever worry. In spirit, we are always loved, supported and cared for without exception.

In a session, your own soul or higher self, guides in spirit, Angels or loved ones may bring up issues that still impact you today. Or a soul may bring up times that they impacted your life in a challenging way in order to make amends. This can be very healing, but also emotional. You have the right and the choice at any point in a session to say you do not want to talk to, or about anyone or anything. I want you to know that I cannot see things that need to stay personal to you. Your own soul will not share more than it wants to with me. Sometimes if there is pain in the past, spirit will take me to that time, but not give me the details in order to respect your privacy – I love that about the process and I respect your own choices in a session. Again some issues may be sensitive, and I will do my best to be as respectful and supportive as I can be.

I do not consciously tell the future. It is something I choose to avoid and if you wish to know the reasons you may ask me in our session. However, some things may come up in a session that I have no idea are future telling and that is also out of my control. A session or sessions with me should not be seen as a substitute for any professional, legal, financial, medical or psychiatric advice. I do however have some wonderful people that work in those areas and I am more than happy to offer referrals. You must be 18 years or older for a private one on one session with me.

People come into a session feeling varying degrees of grief, fear, excitement and anticipation. Trauma, family dynamics and our own life experiences can be tough to navigate. We will do our best together. A session has the potential to be very light and uplifting in nature or emotional, but it will never be spiritually negative. Your level of comfort is always forefront in my mind.

Your approach towards the session will also have a strong impact. Please have an open mind. We have to let the souls do what they are able to through me, not what you want them to do. We have to treat a session with love, compassion and acceptance and respect. 

If you are struggling mentally or emotionally, please seek some counselling support. It is a healthy way to take care of yourself and sort through complicated emotions or simply find a listening ear. I am not a trained therapist or counsellor. I am trained in grief and loss support and Spiritual support is in essence what I am offering. If asked, I will be honest with you about my thoughts and feelings on the afterlife, but these are my own thoughts and feelings based on my experiences. I am fully aware that as humans we have limited amounts of knowledge about the amazing wide and wonderful world we call the afterlife. I can only share with you what I have come to know and that is sometimes evolving and expanding in me as well.

What I am sure of is this: Love is our guiding light and is the core of who we all are. We need never fear as we are surrounded by that love 100% of the time. Our loved ones in spirit are not only well taken care of, they are still witness to and participating in our earthly life. While we feel the separation they continue on with loving connection.

In love and service, Debra

"My toolbox is well stocked, and this has made it possible for me to support and guide many people on their own roads to transformation, healing and spiritual understanding." -- Debra Doerksen