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Debra Doerksen

Spiritual Medium

Debra Doerksen

“Love is our eternal link to the other worlds and our greatest transformational power!”

Debra Doerksen


I hope you will consider this site and your connection to me, a bridge between this earthy world of form and the world of spirit. My service is offered as an archway between grief and comfort and a passageway into the awareness of your own Divine Self.
It is through my sudden awakening into mediumship that this site is here for you today and it is my hope you discover the love and connection you are looking for.

We live on.

On this site you will find a bit about me and my journey into mediumship, the sessions I offer along with the workshops, groups and mentorship that make up a large part of my work. You will find encouragement to let go of all fear and begin to embrace the remarkable being you are.

I ask the Divine before every session, to help me be of maximum service to spirit in the most healing way possible.

It is truly my honour and my privilege to connect you to the spirits that step forward and to help you embrace an understanding that our love and relationships continue after physical death. Even greater is my hope that you become encouraged to find the simple magic of love and acceptance in your day to day living.

In the general words of a metta meditation: May you be filled with love and kindness – May you be held in love and kindness – May you feel connected and calm – May you accept yourself just as you are – May you be happy – May you know the natural ease and joy of being alive.

“Where there is love there is life” -- Gandi